Wana 10:1 CBD XR Capsules - $35.29

With non-extended release products, some patients find that the full release of available cannabinoids can create undesirable side effects such as disorientation and dizziness. This extended release formulation produces a constant, steady state of beneficial effects. Composed from food grade materials, the XR formulation prolongs the effects of the active compounds by 25-35% in comparison to non-formulated capsules, extending the beneficial effects of the capsule up to 12 hours. The XR formulation also mitigates one of the major concerns of the cannabis patient by leveling out the release of cannabinoids.  

WanaCapsXR are an ideal way for medical patients to ingest cannabis, because many medical patients prefer not to inhale cannabis.  Others find the effects of edibles too strong or too variable. WanaCapsXR provide a stable, convenient and discrete option for patients who are looking for dosing alternatives.


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