PAIN CREAM (250mg or 1,000mg)

Our Freezing Point Pain Cream combines menthol, camphor and essential oils as a localized treatment for your muscles and joints. Each ingredient in our Freezing Point CBD Pain Cream was hand-selected by our team of experts with your best interest in mind.

Immediately feel the cooling effects as you apply a small amount to the desired area. The cream will almost instantly dissolve into your skin providing a cooling sensation. A combination of natural plant extracts and hemp-derived CBD work together for cooling and soothing effects.

* Non-psychoactive
* Hemp-derived
* 99%+ CBD Isolate
* Anti-inflammatory
* Natural Ingredients
* Cooling Effect
* Fast-Acting
* Moisturizing

Product Directions: Apply desired amount to sore muscles or inflamed areas. Massage area until thoroughly absorbed into the skin. Repeat as necessary.

Key Ingredients:
Menthol: provides pain relieving properties when applied topically, specifically beneficial for alleviating pain due to musculoskeletal problems.
Camphor: used to relieve pain and reduce itching, topical application increases local blood flow which reduces pain and swelling.
Peppermint Oil: natural painkiller and muscle relaxant, soothe achy back, sore muscles, and tension headaches, joint therapy.
Eucalyptus Oil: application to the skin helps relieve pain, recommended for those suffering from nerve pain, stiff muscles, and fibrosis.

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