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Eric Ryant - born in New York and raised in Florida - moved to Colorado in 2010 under the scruples of his entrepreneurial spirit, determined to get involved in the blossoming marijuana industry. Amongst his multiple business endeavors, Eric was a licensed general contractor for the state of Florida and has previously owned an importing company centralized around the salon furniture industry (which allowed him the opportunity to travel the world in order to find designs to bring back to the US). He has also co-written 15 books centering around both the salon and marijuana industries. Since then, he has successfully opened and operated a dispensary in Lafayette, Colorado, which has flourished and grown under the name Herbal Wellness. Eric learned how to grow after arriving to Colorado, claiming “when I came out here I was only a consumer.” According to Eric, he had no idea how this “risky” leap of faith would turn into such a wonderful and rewarding experience, especially one which brings so much positivity into the community as a result of hard work. “We’re here to educate the consumer, compete on quality, and hire high-grade budtenders who specialize in superior customer service,” says Mr. Ryant. He has also made many local and national donations, including to the City of Lafayette’s Historical Society. Moreover, with three operations in the Lafayette area, Eric has had the resource to offer countless jobs to locals, transplants, and young entrepreneurs like himself who want to get involved in a new and growing industry. You’ve heard of the ‘Gold Rush,’ well this is the ‘Green Rush’.

By virtue of the staff’s hard work and a loyal customer base, Eric Ryant, with the help of his son, Chase Ryant, has now expanded with a second location, Complete Releaf: not just a dispensary - rather, “the complete experience” which centralizes around health, education, and providing something for everyone. Whether you’re simply looking for some cool glass, consider yourself a marijuana connoisseur, are thinking about trying CBD products, or have no idea what any of that means, Complete Releaf is the shop for you.

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